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About Us


“Without Health, Life Is Not Life; It Is Only a State of Languor &  Suffering- An Image of Death”

- Buddha.

“Save One Life, you are a Hero. Save Hundreds of lives you are EMcare”


We believe in this quotes. We, EMR Healthcare Services Pvt. Ltd. with the brand name of “EMcare” strives to deliver the best in class responsive health care services in the golden hour and health care at doorsteps.


  • EMcare Services –


o We understand the importance of golden hour management in case of Medical Emergencies.

o In our country, the prevalence of deaths outside the hospital is more than in-hospital deaths.Patients or victims are helpless in most cases of Emergencies. Despite improved technology & better transports, they don't receive any kind of care and land up in deaths in traffic before reaching the hospital in some cases.

o Our country is well equipped with big tertiary multi-speciality hospitals with organ transplant facilities.But unable to do anything in the improvement of Emergency Medicine Facilities to patients.

o Millions of Life can be saved when right people help in right time. Just need small change & improvements which EMcare is coming up within Pre-hospital care.

o We understand current situation our country is facing in the field of Emergency Medicine and paramedic services.

o Our dream is to combine better technology and better healthcare to help and save more lives.



Ambulance Services –

     One of the largest gaps we found in health care is with Ambulances. It lacks common platform and trained people.Most of the situation, Ambulances services is not a luxury but a need. 

     So, we are going to aggregate all kinds of Ambulances available in the market. Including free ambulance services available in the market, that will not just help for non-affordable patients but it will also help to deliver whichever nearest available ambulance in that area.

    Our Moto is not to make money but to create excellence in the healthcare sector and save lives.


Future scope of services –

     Currently is company's focus is only to aggregate all Ambulance services under one roof and improve pre-hospital care. In future company is also planning to expand its the scope of services in Education & Training, Pharmacy & Surgical Supply, Laboratory & Radiological Investigations, Home Visits and Preventive Medicine Services. 


   Stay with us and help us to serve you better.

   It's just a small start...