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EMcare started Pathology Services in Kamothe- Navi Mumbai

By : Pathology Lab Team


Great news for the public of Kamothe, Navi Mumbai !!
EMcare has started its Diagnostic Sector with Blood testing from your doorsteps at most affordable prices.

With initial offers and best deals available for App users, I am sure you don't wanna miss it.
The company is focusing on quality lab testing with most advanced machines available in the market. The Lab reports will be verified by only a senior MD Pathology Consultant who is part of the company.

It's going to expand soon to other areas of Navi Mumbai where you can have a better experience than traditional Labs and commercialization of medical sector with the poor quality of reports in Pathology for personal benefits. 

Download App Now -
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WHO Guidelines- needed for Mumbaikars

By : EMcare Doctor

Since last few days, Mumbai have witnessed continuously heavy rain and water lodged at many places. In coming days, it doesn’t look that it’s going to take pause by any chance.
You may had to walk through this water at times during emergency, but have you ever thought how badly that water must be contaminated with infection and is rich source of diseases that you might get over next few days ??
Many times its also contaminated with sewage and draining water.
Such water logging and floods can potentially increase the transmission of the following communicable diseases:
·         Water-borne diseases - Such as typhoid fever, cholera, leptospirosis and hepatitis A
·         Vector-borne diseases- such as malaria, dengue and dengue haemorrhagic fever, yellow fever, and West Nile Fever
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The Other Side of Story

By :

I still remember when we were fighting as a group of Doctor with Giant hospital management of Seven Hills Hospital.

We failed at every step, no one helped us. As of last resort, we went to Media-Press. When all the senior doctors cried their story in front of her(Reputed media person), she laughed & asked-“Do you know what’s problem in India?”

Everyone nodded –big No. Eagerly waiting for her answer.

She continued- “You Doctors will never get public sympathy for financial reasons. No one will read this news & will move forward to help you. If the news would have been of person looted by a doctor. The public will be interested.” “Politicians have created an image of a doctor as looting person, But people don’t understand that real money is made by someone else.”
And the same happened.
Next day it was news on front page of the newspaper. But that day we all felt as if no one read newspaper except management of hospital- who started investigations who must have given news in the newspaper. And suspected Doctors were removed from work on the spot.
The only crime of being a doctor is not having unity among them. Even for the worst scenarios they face. Which makes them targeted by many people & politicians.
That day, even organisations & societies of doctors weren’t in support who arranged so big conferences and all. The reason was- its private hospital & we cant help you.

How people forget- It was me today, tomorrow it might be you. No matter where you work, for whom you work. If you are a Doctor- you should be supported by own organisation. Unity among each other is the must.
That day we all were helpless. Because we tried every possible method. Police, lawyer, court, media, own management, politician, friends, doctors organisations etc. but we failed.
And now the Belko Experiment started-
“At the end of the day, people are out for themselves.”
Same friends were enemies now. People started comparing with each other. Everyone was due with 7-month salaries. But they started counselling themselves with the funniest method- “I don’t need money, Its just I want others to get.” , “My only 5-6 months dues left, rest all have one month more”, “My amount is lesser than you, why I should fight” etc etc.

Management started playing their own games. They started calling one by one- soft members of a group to surrender themselves and act as a witness to help them to throw out rebels.

They started firing doctors from the hospital for no reason. Some doctors also asked Police help- but it wasn’t much help.
The situation was not less than a movie or a freedom fight.

The pain was felt by Doctors and also other staff who not received salaries for months. One of my colleagues took a personal loan to live his day to day life. One couldn’t get a loan as last 7-month salary was not credited & salary slip was also missed- so he was not eligible for a loan. Some sold whatever they could to pay school fees of their children.
   Everyone stretched out whatever they can till last moment. But then all were exhausted, plus there was no any hope for any improvement.

The worst scenario was management didn’t let anyone of us know what exactly was happening inside. We only got to know Hospital was bankrupt after news came in the newspaper.
Some might feel reading this- the doctors only were stupid for not understanding this. How all kept quiet till 7 month without salary?
For them let me tell- this wasn’t the first time. Delayed salary was routine with seven hills hospital. They will pay once in 2-3 month. So people were prepared for getting late payment. Everyone was sure that justice will be delayed but will be delivered. And then they strategically started giving half salaries in an interval which slowly created a 7-month gap. 
We understood Justice will be denied this time.

Smarter was management, who also conducted a meeting with Doctors. Where CMD request to all doctors to bear with him for a while. He will pay salaries soon, just support him for a while. Afterall we all were emotional fools to believe him till they hit us with a brick on our head. It was too late.
I still remember the last few months all the managers were asked to run to collect crores and crores of pending dues from some company. No one knows till date, where all that big chunk of money went exactly.
After Vijay Mallya & Neerav Modi the picture was more clear.
Common public gets affected. Neither the government nor these people.

This time the common public was Doctors. Who even not allowed to enter in a word to call as “Common Public”
Slowly most of the doctors left from Seven Hills Hospital. But they still fight with each other of social sites, WhatsApp- forgetting real culprits. Because Belko Experiment is not over yet….
Happy Doctors Day

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Nipah Virus- Spread knowledge, not panicky

By : EMcare Doctor's Team



When to suspect:
1.      Fever with evidence of Encephalopathy.
       - Altered mental status
       - Seizures
       - Neurological Deficit
2.      Fever with new onset of respiratory distress with an epidemiological link.
3.      Fever with an epidemiological link(history of contact with confirmed NIPAH patient or from NIPAH endemic area).

Investigations -  General = Routine + Specific depends on presentation
-          Specific =Throat swab, Blood, Urine, CSF if LP done.
How to collect sample:
Available test include PCR+ Serology(IgM,IgG).
Person collecting sample should wear PPE.
Throat swab should be put in viral transport medium(VTM).
Blood should be collected in Red cap vacutainer vial- 5ml.
Urine/CSF –plastic vial -3ml.
General Management:
1.      Isolation/Cohorting.
2.      Barrier Nursing(Wearing PPE).
3.      Adhere to strict hand hygiene.
4.      Resuscitation.
5.      Care of unconscious patient.
6.      Fluid & electrolyte balance.
Symptomatic Treatment:
1.      For fever – Paracetamol.
2.      Treatment of Convulsions.
3.      Treatment of raised ICP.
4.      Treatment of Hypoglycemia/Shock.
5.      Other treatment if indicated –
- Broad spectrum antibiotic.
- Ribavirin( reserved from critically ill & virologically confirmed cases

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10 reason “why you can’t lose weight?”

By : Doctor's Team

It’s funny because old era was struggling to gain weight.
And 21st century, obesity is a major problem. People often tell me- I don’t eat much but still I gain weight as if I am eating air and gaining weight out of that.
You really want to know what are the reasons that despite of all the necessary measures taken by you, paid hefty gym memberships, but  you are still struggling to weight loss??
Here are the top 10 reason “why you can’t lose weight?” –
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All you need to know about HEAT STROKE

By :

Heat stroke is a serious illness and often neglected.  
It occurs when the body is unable to control a sudden rise in its temperature. If the system is not cooled quickly to restore normal body temperatures, the damage from heat stroke can be irreversible.

As the temperature rising in India even before the month of May, with Mumbai recorded its second highest temperature of 41 degree Celsius on March End itself,  being out in the sweltering heat can result in heat stroke which can be extremely harmful, even fatal, say experts.

Heat stroke is caused due to prolonged exposure to higher temperatures (above 40 degrees Celsius) or physical exertion; it usually occurs in combination with dehydration.  If left untreated, heat stroke can affect vital organs and can prove fatal in severe cases.

A sudden rise in body temperature, rapid heartbeat, which may be either strong or weak, rapid or shallow breathing, unconsciousness, lack of sweat, throbbing headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and seizures are some of the symptoms of heat stroke.

The skin may lose its moisture and water retention capacity leading to the hot and dry skin.

In addition, some people show some behavioral changes such as confusion, disorientation, or staggering. Heat won't jump directly to Heat Stroke unless grossly neglected.

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10 Magic Food Items That Every Diabetes Patient Should Have..!!

By : Dr. Ajinkya Bhandari


Emergency Physician


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Seven Things You Shouldn't Do After Meal

By : Dietician Team- EMcare


EMcare Group

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Solution for Emergency Healthcare Issues of People of Mumbai EMcare

By : Dr. Ajinkya Bhandari

MBBS, MBA, MD ( Emergency Medicine)

Consultant & Head - Emergency Department


Mumbai – a city of dreams…..!!!

It is the most populous city in India and the ninth most populous agglomeration in the world, with an estimated city population of 18.4 million.


It means actually we are really overcrowded. 

Everywhere its crowd and people that we see when we walk through streets of Mumbai. 
That sounds it much safer for a person. 
But imagine you are in the crowd getting sudden chest pain, worried that it might be a heart attack, sweating….panicked…your limbs getting colder and colder…you know in some time u will not be in your senses...
Can u expect really that when u wake up, you will be in the hospital with white light after opening your eyes?? Does anyone really helps in such crowded city to make you reach hospital?? Does any ambulance can guarantees you to drop your hospital safely??
This is not just problem in Mumbai. It's problem in every city. The only thing that adds on in Mumbai is its uncontrollable traffic.
The place- where pizza reaches in 30 min and we have to struggle to get ambulance is the bitter truth.
The place- where such big infrastructure of hospitals and tertiary care even to transplant organs but fails miserably in giving basic emergency care. 
The place- where you can trace where food delivery boy is reached, but can't trace where the ambulance is.
The biggest healthcare group also have not shown interest in improving quality emergency care. 
The reasons are very obvious and clear-

  • It's most delicate and risky place to handle.
  • There is no chunk of money one can really make out of it.
  • And if Emergency Care or even pre-hospital care improves, profits of Hospital Industry is going to get hampered.
We, a small healthcare group starting it as a first step- by aggregating ambulances.
Please please spread the message in the entire city of Mumbai. So that it will be utilized for a person in need.  And also we request if you are working in any NGO and willing to provide free ambulance services free of cost- this is the place –EMcare Application. 

Send us your and ambulance details on
You can also visit our website-
You can WhatsApp on - 8888701001
We are targeting International Standards of Emergency Care and Pre-Hospital Care.
But surely that’s not possible in few days. 

We promise we will grow and improve every aspect of Emergency Care, just need your support.

We are soon coming with other services in our updated version of App.
Please comment what else you would like to see changes in Emergency Services in or city of Mumbai. We will be there soon…
Help us to improve and grow. We will make it- a "Healthcare Revolution."
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